Surge in Pharmaceutical Imports Threatens U.S. National Security as India/China Dominance Grows

KEY POINTS U.S. pharmaceutical imports have risen sharply in the last decade, with imports from China and India skyrocketing. India and China are increasingly the leading U.S. source for generic pharmaceuticals, which account for 91% of all prescriptions written in the U.S. China and India account for 57.6% of total pharmaceutical imports by weight last…


House Committee Hearing Discusses FDA’s Shortcomings, Priorities of Supply Over Safety

The expert witness testimony made it clear that U.S. labs were treated differently than foreign ones, and despite increases in hiring at the FDA over the years, lawmakers have a lot to be concerned about when it comes to the FDA conducting proper oversight of foreign manufacturing facilities.

Ways & Means: Drug Shortages

House Ways & Means Discusses Solutions To Drug Shortages, Foreign Lab Dependence

According to expert testimony given by the witnesses, the crisis is being fueled by poor manufacturing practices that have led to recalls by foreign drug manufacturers, and the race to the bottom on generic drug prices that make it impossible for American generic drug makers to compete with subsidized competitors in India and China.

Reshoring Generic Drugs

Study Finds Over 90% of all Generic Drugs Dependent on Imports

The Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Innovation Center (APIIC), a consortium of biotechnology industry, policy and academic leaders, said in a whitepaper released to the media on Jan. 24, that reshoring the manufacture of essential, life-saving pharmaceuticals was urgently needed.