CPA believes that foreign adversaries like China should not be able to exploit U.S. capital markets and tens of millions of unwitting American investors in order to fund activities that pose a threat to U.S economic and national security.

In order to protect retail investors and pensioners, CPA believes that companies should only be able to access U.S. capital markets if they are in compliance with all U.S. laws for transparency and accountability. Additionally, any company, including its subsidiaries, sanctioned by the U.S. government should be prohibited from accessing our markets, and no American investor — retail or institutional — should be able to invest in any financial product of a sanctioned company, including securities and other investment products like Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).


U.S. investors are inadvertently funding Chinese companies involved in activities contrary to the national security, economic security, and human rights interests of the United States. For decades, Wall Street has profited by helping the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) fund its companies via U.S. capital markets, exploiting tens of millions of unwitting American investors in the process. Currently, there are Chinese companies integrated into U.S. capital markets that actively assist the CCP and its campaign of evil, including Beijing’s genocide and human rights abuses against the Uyghurs and companies helping to strengthen and modernize the People’s Liberation Army, Navy, and Air Force.

CPA advocates for the inclusion of more companies on existing sanctions lists, as well as creating new sanctions to protect American investors from these harmful companies that not only pose material risk to the return on investment, but also threats to American security. Via legislative, regulatory, and executive branch tools, CPA advocates for a U.S. government strategy that  cuts off funding to the CCP and protects hard-earned investment capital.