CPA was founded in 2007 by a group of farmers, ranchers, manufacturers and labor representatives. Farmer and ranchers realized that trade agreements were not resulting in the export opportunities promised even as imports took more of their domestic market share. Manufacturers suffered from their customers offshoring procurement and production and were faced with reduced sales and the painful need to layoff workers. Workers were thrown into competition with low wage overseas labor, working for pennies per hour, resulting in massive job losses and depressed wages here.

We realized that each sector could not fix this problem alone. We all faced the same harm from trade deficits. Many existing organizations were aiding and abetting the effort to move American production to other countries. No national organization existed to advocate for all American producers’ interests in building and expanding productive capacity and good paying jobs here.

CPA was created to fill that void. We believed that the combination of agriculture, labor and manufacturing was powerful. The effort needed to remain fully bipartisan including dedicated Republicans, Democrats and independents working on issues that transcend party loyalty. These are American issues.

Staff and members of CPA have moved our issues from being ignored to occupying the center of the national debate. We live in a period of epic change in trade. CPA’s influence has played a predominant role in getting us here.

Our judgment and our dedicated efforts have paid off. We need you to join with us to make this movement far more powerful in the coming years.

CPA Exclusively Represents AMERICAN Manufacturers & Producers