CPA CEO Michael Stumo and USTR's Beth Baltzan Talk Trade

A New Trade Policy Has Emerged: CPA CEO Michael Stumo Chats with USTR Senior Advisor Beth Baltzan

A new trade policy isn’t just emerging; it’s emerged. Six years after former President Donald Trump and his chief trade diplomat Robert Lighthizer imposed tariffs on nearly $400 billion worth of imported goods from China, President Biden has done the same.

Katherine Tai is Right to Protect Americans’ Digital Privacy

Katherine Tai is Right to Protect Americans’ Digital Privacy

Americans are understandably worried about internet privacy. In particular, they fear their personal information could be hacked at any time. And if you ask them whether China should have access to their social security numbers, credit cards, and banking info, the answer would be a resounding “No.” We live in a digital world, though. And…

Inflation Reduction Act Knifes The Multilateral Trading System. Here’s what USTR Needs To Do.

The multilateral trading system, birthed on October 30, 1947, was unceremoniously knifed and left for dead by President Biden’s signing of the Inflation Reduction Act. This is an unprecedented move by the United States in our seventy-five year history as part of that system. Retaliation will come from much of the world. Here is what…