Prosperity Summit

Prosperity Summit Wrap: Industry Leaders Share Concerns With Congressional Staffers

Roughly 40 congressional staff members had a chance to meet with and hear from industry leaders as diverse as Florida farmers to multinational corporations in the renewable energy space about the trials and tribulations of competing with emerging markets that play by different rules. And often break existing ones.

Economic View: The Coming Solar Apocalypse…and How to Prevent It

Key Points With 86 Gigawatts of planned solar module capacity and some 30 Gigawatts of imports, the U.S. market faces huge oversupply of solar modules. This will force many U.S. producers out of business, leaving the Chinese-owned U.S. facilities as the last man standing. Today, with optimism at its height, Chinese-owned facilities are building more…


Mexico Replaces China for Imports. What’s Happening?

Last year, the U.S. imported more goods from Mexico than it did from China. It was a first. Although the trade deficit with China is still the biggest out of every country, and more than the trade deficit with Mexico and Canada combined, Mexican imports totaled $475.6 billion in 2023 versus China’s $427.2 billion.