House Foreign Affairs Says To ‘Work With Allies’ on China, Focus on Indo-Pacific

The House Foreign Affairs Committee on Tuesday heard from witnesses on what “working with allies” on China really entails. First, a focus on soft power in Indo-Pacific, which means funding development projects there. Second, a reminder that a weak, China-dependent Europe makes it harder for them to join forces with Washington.

‘Made in America’ Pandemic Preparedness Act Passes Committee Unanimously. Now What?

Both houses of Congress have bills that have passed committees, easily, in regard to building domestic supply of personal protective equipment for medical staff. These bills need to hit the floor so President Biden can sign them. But, more importantly, Buy American provisions face serious WTO risk, making all of this action moot.

IPO Disasters – China Swindles Billions from US Investors

American investors in Didi and Full Truck Alliance lose over 20% of their investment as Wall Street firms like Goldman Sachs collect their fees selling companies surviving on the whims of China’s Communist Party. Last Wednesday, Wall Street helped Chinese rideshare company Didi raise billions from American investors in a massive Initial Public Offering (IPO).…