Michael Stumo

Chief Executive Officer

Jon Toomey

Senior Vice President, Government Relations

Nick Iacovella

Senior Vice President, Public Affairs & Communications

Jeff Ferry

Chief Economist

David Morse

Tax Policy Director

Charles Benoit

Trade Counsel

Kenneth Rapoza

Industry Analyst

Amanda Mayoral


Aaron E. Ringel

Vice President, International Policy and Advocacy

Robby Smith

National Security Advisor

2022-08-23-Jordan-Goldstein-Headshot_8210 copy
Jordan Goldstein

Associate Director, Government Relations

Peter Rothfeld, Coalition for a Prosperous America portrait at the Rothfeld residence, Annapolis, MD, Tuesday, August 16, 2022 (Photo by Max Taylor).
Peter Rothfeld

Director, Operations

Erika Wainwright

Special Assistant, Member Relations and Operations