Jeff Ferry

Jeff Ferry is Chief Economist at the Coalition for a Prosperous America, responsible for building CPA’s resources of original research and analysis regarding trade and industrial policies to re-establish America’s prosperity and world-leading economic growth. Jeff is an experienced economist, financial and technology journalist, technology executive, and author. His first book, The British Renaissance (Hutchinson, 1994) focused on the strategies and culture of six world-class British companies that emerged from the Thatcher era in Britain. As a journalist, he wrote for the Washington Post, Forbes Magazine, and Bloomberg News and produced documentaries on business for the BBC and other British television broadcasters.


Jeff worked in the technology industry for 15 years, for startups and industry leaders including Nortel and Sun Microsystems. While at Infinera, a global optical networking leader that manufactures chips in Silicon Valley, he was a member of an industry advisory committee at the US Department of Commerce.

Jeff was born and raised in New York City. His father worked in the New York printing industry in and was a lifelong member of the Amalgamated Lithographers of America. He has degrees in economics from Harvard University and the London School of Economics. He lives in Alexandria, Virginia with his wife and their toy Australian shepherd Bindi.

CPA Speaker’s Bureau Member: Jeff Ferry is available to speak to topics of:

1. The Economics of Free Trade: Theory, Fallacies, Realities
2. The Downside of Globalization
3. The Secrets of Economic Growth in Today’s World

Travels from:  Alexandria, Virginia