News Release: CPA Members Meet with 100 Congressional Offices: Opposition to Global Governance Deals Increases

March 14, 2014

Contact: Sara Haimowitz, 202 688 5145, [email protected]

CPA Members Meet with 100 Congressional Offices: Opposition to Global Governance Deals Increases

CPA members and supporters from California to New England and from Washington State to Florida spread out across Capitol Hill this week to meet with over 100 congressional offices for CPA’s 2014 Legislative Fly In.

“Our members reported a major improvement this year in congressional willingness to reconsider bad trade policy,” said Michael Stumo, CEO of the Coalition for a Prosperous America.  “We were effective in countering the relentless efforts by the wealthy special interest groups who work hard to offshore our industries, our jobs and our sovereignty. The Administration’s efforts to push outdated, economy-killing concepts of trade policy has been stonewalled by the left and the right in Congress. Now they are in disarray.”

CPA members delivered the message that balanced trade needs to be at the forefront of our national strategy.  “It has become impossible to defend the current neo-liberal trade policy which ignores balance of trade,” continued Stumo. “We will start pushing that concept harder this year as we work with Congressional allies.”

Congressional offices showed a heightened sensitivity to preserving states rights, American sovereignty, and legislative branch authority over trade. “Congress is increasingly loathe to transfer its authority over trade and domestic policy to the executive branch and give up its right to full transparency and amendments,” said Stumo.  “Trade negotiators have steadfastly refused to pursue balanced trade, a fix for currency manipulation, and multiple other changes to fix the mistakes of the past.”

CPA members also delivered a petition signed by over 80 liberty groups across the country objecting to Fast Track and the Trans-Pacific Partnership on constitutional grounds.  “Tea Party and other liberty organizations have learned how American sovereignty is at risk as we transfer domestic authority to international governance systems and tribunals,” continued Stumo. “They are not fooled by phony free trade claims as a rationale to permanently give up our sovereignty.”

CPA will continue to forge a new consensus on trade and economic policy that balances trade, creates jobs, grows our economy and protects American sovereignty.

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