Other Nations Following US Lead on Steel Tariffs

When the Trump administration imposed 25% tariffs on steel imports in March this year, some other nations loudly criticized the move. Now, surprise, surprise, they are shifting gear—and jumping on the tariff bandwagon. This week, both the European Union and Canada have taken steps towards blocking excessive imports of steel into their markets. The European…


Am I a protectionist?

Editorial note:  This article is significant because it demonstrates how the business press is coming around to the fact that free trade and globalization have produced big problems. CPA has been communicating with this reporter for several years on the topic. I’ve been feeling a little worried about job security lately. I am the global…


“It’s Time to Get Serious About China”

Editors Note: CPA Advisory Board Member, Pat Mulloy, appeared as guest speaker on The Bill Walton Show to discuss the Chinese election where Xi Jinping was voted “President for Life.” With this vote they proclaimed that China is now realizing its dream of national rejuvenation, and it’s grand strategy to restore its Empire.

Happy Half Birthday TCJA

Tax Cuts Reach Six-Month Mark By David Morse, CPA Tax Policy Associate Director It’s been six months since President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). And the legislation has enjoyed a rosy afterglow, receiving credit for every bonus or capital expenditure. But tax analysts agree that it’s simply too early to see the…