CPA Launches Americans for Safe Drugs

Fighting Against Chinese & Indian Generic Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Exporting Unsafe Products to the U.S.

WASHINGTON — The Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) today announced the launch of Americans for Safe Drugs©, a new campaign fighting against foreign generic pharmaceutical manufacturers in China and India that are flagrantly violating the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) safety regulations, yet still exporting tens of millions of potentially harmful doses of medicine to the U.S. Currently, the FDA allows generic drugs to be imported from foreign manufacturers in China and India that have received repeated Warning Letters, which notify manufacturers of significant violations of FDA regulations. Americans for Safe Drugs is fighting to ensure all generic medicines are safe, affordable, and always available. Americans should be able to trust the generics they take—every pill, every vial, every time.

As part of the launch, Americans for Safe Drugs is today releasing two national ads. The first highlights how the FDA issues Warning Letters to Chinese and Indian drug manufacturers that are significantly violating safety regulations while still supplying U.S. patients. The second ad features Aurobindo Pharma, an Indian manufacturer of generic drugs that has come under FDA scrutiny for safety violations while producing pharmaceuticals for the U.S. market. In 2019, the company was found to be manufacturing a blood pressure medicine with high levels of cancer causing carcinogens.

WATCH OUR ADS:Warning Letter” and “Accountable: Aurobindo Pharma

Americans for Safe Drugs is also releasing a new public poll of registered voters, conducted by Morning Consult, which shows that Americans overwhelmingly want to stop importing unsafe generic drugs. Key findings from the poll show that:

  • 84% of Americans want the FDA to ban imports of generic medicines from foreign manufacturers that have received a Warning Letter.
  • 86% of Americans support the FDA testing generic medicines imported into the U.S. from foreign manufacturers that have received a Warning Letter.
  • 72% of Americans oppose importing generic medicines from China.
  • 85% of Americans think it’s an important priority—with 43% saying it should be the top priority—for the U.S. government to establish the U.S. as a leader in the generic pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.


“For too long, Chinese and Indian drug manufacturers have flagrantly violated FDA’s safety regulations while flooding the U.S. with tens of millions of doses of potentially unsafe generic drugs,” said CPA Chairman Zach Mottl. “Americans for Safe Drugs is going to expose this crisis that’s plaguing the U.S. healthcare system and endangering the health and lives of countless Americans. It’s time to put an end to this and bring generic drug manufacturing back to the U.S.”

“It is time for the American people to know who is making a large percentage of our generic medicines: overseas manufacturers in China and India, and too many of these companies are violating the FDA’s safety regulations,” said Rosemary Gibson, author of China Rx and Chairwoman of the CPA Healthcare Committee. “The vast majority of prescriptions dispensed—90 percent—are generic medicines. The answer to solving this health care national security crisis is to reshore the generic pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and put an end to this flood of unsafe medicines coming into our nation.”

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