Trade issues drive West Virginia Primary Results – Sanders and Trump

by Michael Stumo

Opposition to rigged trade deals drove the results another primary contest.  Sanders continues outperforming expectations with a win in West Virginia’s Dem primary yesterday, even though Clinton has opposed the TPP. Trump won as expected now that he has no opponents remaining.

Exit polls showed how powerful the issue of dumb trade agreements was:

• Six in 10 voters said they were very worried about the direction of the nation’s economy in the next few years, by far the highest level of economy worry in a Democratic primary this year – far above the average, 40 percent, and rivaling the customary level seen in Republican primaries.

• Nearly six in 10 said the economy and jobs was the most important issue in their vote, again by far the highest in any Democratic contest this year.

• A majority in the state thought trade with other countries takes away more U.S. jobs than it creates, vs. only a little more than a third who said it creates more jobs.

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