Stop Millions of Chinese Counterfeit E-Commerce Imports

More than two million shipments per day are imported into our country, mostly via mail and express, without any chance of scrutiny or payment of applicable taxes and tariffs.

This is as a result of a customs provision called “de minimis,” originally meant to allow customs officers to waive through things of trivial value. However, at the behest of big ecommerce companies like Amazon and shippers like UPS and FedEx, Congress rewrote federal law in 2016 so if a foreign vendor just claimed their shipment was worth less than $800, it was eligible for this backdoor superhighway past our ports.

Everyone loses here except foreign merchants, and the ecommerce platforms and express shippers that they service. Every retailer from Main Street to big box loses: brick and mortar retailers buy things in bulk and their imports get scrutinized.

According to U.S. Customs & Border Protection, over 90 percent of counterfeit seizures happen in mail and express shipments, and China is the primary source, accounting for 83 percent of all counterfeit seizures and 92 percent of the estimated MSRP value of all counterfeit seizures.[1]

Congress is considering legislation RIGHT NOW to fix this problem with a bill called the Import Security and Fairness Act. This critical legislation will shut down de minimis treatment for goods from countries that tolerate lawlessness in their exports: namely, China.

But pro-China lobbyists, Amazon and the multinational business lobby are fighting back! American businesses need to show their support for this reform.

Don’t let American communities get gutted.

Sign your name to this petition telling Congress to pass this crucial reform! If you are signing on behalf of a business, please sign our business petition here.