Supporting U.S. Manufacturing: CPA Member CEO Arnold Kamler on Walmart’s ‘The Huddle’ Podcast

Last week, America celebrated National Manufacturing Day (organized by The Manufacturing Institute) to recognize the country’s robust manufacturing industry, highlight the vital contributions of our MFG workers, and raise awareness to the challenges facing producers in an ever-changing economic environment.

Over the last 25 years, the U.S. has lost virtually its entire bike manufacturing industry, while China has become the world’s dominant manufacturer of bikes, e-bikes and bike parts.

The disappearance of the U.S. bike manufacturing industry has proven to be a huge loss for regions where the industry was a major employer, including parts of Ohio, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. It’s also a warning for other industries in the crosshairs of China’s industrial growth plans, such as semiconductors and automobiles.

The U.S. has an opportunity to rebuild this industry today, at a modest cost.

In 2021, CPA released an economic report outlining a comprehensive plan to re-shore the U.S. bike and e-bike industry, which would create thousands of new U.S. manufacturing jobs, reduce U.S. dependence on China, and generate economic growth in an industry that is increasingly using advanced technology.

CPA member organization Kent International, Inc., the largest U.S. bicycle manufacturer today, provides a prime example in an industry which can and should be re-shored as soon as possible.

A family-owned business, Kent International has operated for over a century and supplies millions of sporting goods products to customers all over the world.

CEO Arnold Kamler recently joined Walmart’s “The Huddle with John Furner” podcast to discuss his journey working with the retail giant and shared valuable advice to anyone considering establishing manufacturing assembly in the U.S.

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