CPA’s Supply Chain Committee includes our members which make the parts, components, tools and machines that are essential to producing finished goods across our economy. We determine policies that will help small and medium sized supply chain companies be successful and advocate for these policies in Washington.


The US has lost millions of jobs to China and other countries. Supply chain companies that serve the automotive, defense, consumer, electronics, aerospace and other markets have closed or struggled to survive.

Most national trade associations do not advocate for domestic small and mid-sized manufacturing companies that supply these markets, or do so on a narrow basis. Local and regional trade associations do not have the mandate, the bandwidth or the resources to engage in national advocacy to rebuild industrial sectors.

President Biden’s February 24, 2021 executive order states “Resilient American supply chains will revitalize and rebuild domestic manufacturing capacity, maintain America’s competitive edge in research and development, and create well-paying jobs.” Agencies are given 100 days, or one year, as the case may be, to conduct a review relating to developing supply chain plans.

A national industrial strategy is needed. However, many do not know how to think comprehensively about creating and implementing an industrial strategy. To the extent the elements of industrial strategy exist, there is no organized government and media relations effort to popularize and enact such policies.

Acting Chair

Michael Stumo

Interested in becoming a committee member?

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