Senate GOP Sees Customs Bill Passage Soon; Durbin Says Problems Persist


Senior members of the Senate Republican leadership said Tuesday (Jan. 12) they believe the Senate can act soon to pass the pending compromise customs bill approved in the House last December, even as a top Senate Democrat threatened to try and derail the legislation.

[Daily News| January, 13 2016 | Inside US Trade ]

Sen. John Thune (R-SD), the Republican conference chair and a member of the Senate Finance Committee, told reporters that the conference report of the customs bill will likely be brought up and approved this month. He said that he expects a point of order to be raised against the legislation by Democrats over the last-minute insertion of language on Internet taxes, but that he anticipates it will be defeated.

“I think if the customs conference report moves, and I think it will move soon, the Internet tax moratorium will be included in there as it was reported from the House,” Thune said. “I think you can expect that they’ll be some procedural attempts to strip that out, but I don’t think the votes are going to be there.”

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