Inside U.S. Trade: “TPP Ministerial Set For July 28-29 In Hawaii; Cutler Headed To Tokyo”


Updated: Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade ministers are set to meet for two days beginning July 28 in Maui, Hawaii, to try and hammer out a deal, following several days of meetings there between chief negotiators, according to informed sources. Another source gave slightly different dates for the ministerial meeting, saying it would last four days instead of two.

[July 6, 2015 | Inside U.S. Trade]

The ministerial meeting has now been confirmed, meaning it will definitely take place and is not contingent on whether chief negotiators make sufficient progress in the days leading up to it, sources said.

While the goal of the ministerial meeting is still to conclude the negotiations, one informed source said he was still unsure whether TPP countries will be able to do so.

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