Decoupling from China: CPA’s Award-Winning Economic Analysis

In October 2019, CPA’s Economics team of Jeff Ferry and Steven Byers won the NABE Mennis Award for best economics paper of the year for “Decoupling from China: an economic analysis of the impact on the US economy of a permanent tariff on Chinese imports.


CPA’s paper used an economic model to forecast that a permanent 25 percent tariff on US imports from China would lead to substantial economic growth in the US. At the NABE Annual Conference in Denver in October, Ferry and Byers were invited to host a session explaining the paper. Despite its controversial nature, the paper was warmly received by the economists who attended the session. The NABE or National Association of Business Economists is America’s premier organization of business economists.

[Steven Byers and Jeff Ferry | November 2019 | NABE]

To read the complete paper, click on the image below:

It has also appeared in the NABE publication, Business Economics, available (to NABE members) at the link below.


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