CPA Welcomes Andy Warlick to its Board of Directors

CPA is honored and excited to announce the addition of Andy Warlick, CEO of Parkdale Mills, to our board of directors. 

“Andy is committed to rebuilding US manufacturing and fighting trade cheating,” said Dan DiMicco. “I have long admired Parkdale Mills, a company that proves that USA textile manufacturing can be competitive with any company in the world.” 

Parkdale is the biggest textile manufacturer in the western hemisphere. Andy also leads US Cotton, a leading health and beauty aide cotton products company, as well as Parkdale Advanced Materials which makes bio-degradable polymers. 

Parkdale is also responding to America’s COVID needs by making face masks, isolation gowns and swabs for test kits. 

“I am honored that Andy has joined our board of directors,” said Michael Stumo. “He could have joined stateless multinationals in sending his company’s plants overseas. Instead, he applied his intelligence, patriotism and drive to building a successful, growing company here. Our board will benefit from his dedication and judgment.”

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