CPA Members Visit 105 Congressional Offices

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Contact: Sara Haimowitz, [email protected]

March 15, 2013

Washington, DC ~ Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) members from across the country converged on Capitol Hill on March 13th and 14th to advocate fixing the trade deficit as the number one economic priority for the nation.  Company owners and executives, service sector businesses, trade association representatives and citizens from all corners of the U.S. visited 105 Congressional offices delivering their message.

“This was the best CPA Legislative Fly In yet,” said Michael Stumo, CEO of CPA. “We had great member participation from across the country.  Our members said their meetings showed that Congress knows and respects CPA as a trustworthy advocate with solid, clear ideas to grow jobs, wealth and growth.”

Fixing the trade deficit was CPA’s number one issue. The U.S. has the worst trade performance of any country in the history of the world. President Obama and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative wrongly push increased “two way trade” which results in record trade deficits and a massive transfer of industries, jobs, intellectual property and wealth to other countries.

“In 2011 alone, our trade deficit caused the American economy to be four percent smaller than it would have been with balanced trade,” continued Stumo. “As a result, millions of workers in every state are now collecting unemployment checks and food stamps.”

CPA told Congress that any new trade agreements, such as the Trans Pacific Partnership, needed to be negotiated in a way to serve a U.S. national trade and economic strategy, and neutralize foreign mercantilism.  Thirteen objectives, called the 21st Century Trade Agreement Principles, were distributed to every office.

CPA members also told Congress to pass legislation to remedy currency manipulation; equalize foreign value added taxes charge to our exports; pass the ENFORCE Act to address fraudulent avoidance of duty orders at the border; and support new USDA rules on country of origin labeling of meat.

“Our members will follow up with their legislators throughout the year.  We simply cannot fix the budget deficit and unemployment without fixing the trade deficit,” said Stumo.  “If we balance trade, the increased U.S. production, employment and tax revenue will result in substantial growth, solid tax revenue collection, and millions of people returning to work.”

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