CPA Announces Legislative Scorecard

Key Votes on Pro-American Trade and Industrial Policy Legislation

WASHINGTON — The Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) today announced the launch of its legislative scorecard, a comprehensive indicator of a lawmaker’s record on fighting for and supporting policies that rebuild U.S. supply chains, reduce and eliminate trade deficits, implement a robust national industrial strategy, and decouple China from our capital and goods markets. In a letter to every Member of Congress, CPA announced that it will be key voting pro-American trade and industrial policy legislation in the 118th Congress to establish a lawmaker’s rating.

“CPA is the only national, bipartisan organization representing exclusively the companies and American workers who are committed to producing right here in America,” said CPA Chairman Zach Mottl. “There are too many lawmakers who claim to support American manufacturing, but whose actions benefit multinational corporations that have offshored jobs and production to adversarial nations like China. Going forward, every American will be able to see the true record of every Member of Congress when it comes to voting for policies that support American manufacturers, farmers, and workers.”

“Today’s launch is about holding Members of Congress accountable for their actions,” said Michael Stumo, CEO of CPA. “While many lawmakers speak publicly about supporting American manufacturers and holding China accountable for its decades of trade cheating and targeting of our industrial capacity, their actions do the opposite. The CPA legislative scorecard will be a definitive marker of every Member of Congress’s record on supporting domestic producers, reducing trade deficits, defunding China and crafting pro-American industrial policy.”

To view CPA’s legislative scorecard click here.


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