Burl Finkelstein

Burl Finkelstein has worked at Kason Industries for over 42 years in various roles from manufacturing engineer thru VP of engineering and now serves as the Executive VP of Operations and in-house counsel.  Burl has over four decades of technical work that includes product design and manufacturing process design and development.  His hands-on experiences have nurtured a passion for manufacturing and a drive to make products in the United States.


Mr. Finkelstein has superb business acumen and an uncanny intuitive mechanical ability allowing him to “see” the big picture without losing the “feel” for the intricate details.  He has a diverse variety of responsibilities at Kason including; general legal work including, legal defense, IP protections and negotiations, engineering oversight, process and machine troubleshooting, quality control, and company structure. Outside his regular job, he is currently Standard food equipment fabrication task group chair for National Sanitation Foundation and a member of the pyrotechnics committee for the National Fire Protection Association

Hobby activities are; building model engines in his home machine shop, professional pyrotechnics, representing the national amateur rocketry organizations in dealing with ATF, repairing electronics, restoring vintage Jaguar cars, working with NASA to promote science education thru rocketry. He enjoys playing classic rock bass, guitar and drums, house remodeling and many other craft activities.