Brian O’Shaughnessy

Brian O’Shaughnessy is the Chairman of Revere Copper Products and served as President & CEO for almost twenty years until the end of 2007. His company was founded in 1801 by Paul Revere and may be the oldest manufacturing company in America. Revere does not make pots and pans anymore but makes copper and brass sheet, strip and coil as well as extruded products for shipment to other manufacturing companies. Brian did a leveraged buy out of Revere in 1989.


Brian is recognized as an expert on international trade, energy and environmental issues. He championed and chaired the world class, worldwide copper industry’s environmental program. In February of 2006, the Copper Club named Brian as its Copper Man of the Year—an international award considered the most prestigious in the copper industry.

Brian has chaired two industrial energy advocacy committees and serves on the board of directors of a third group. He also serves on the board of directors of a public utility with transmission and distribution operations for gas and electricity in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

In 2005, Brian testified before the US Senate Committee on Energy and Resources and testified in 2006 before the US House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform regarding energy, trade and tax policy. In May, 2007, he testified before a triparte hearing on China Currency Issues before subcommittees of the House Ways and Means, Energy and Financial Services Committees. In July, 2007, he testified before a US Senate subcommittee hearing on the impact of China Trade on US manufacturing. Brian has appeared on BBC World News and been interviewed on Bloomberg On the Economy as well as PBS.

Brian also serves on the board of directors of the Manufacturers Association of Central New York (MACNY) and served on the BOD of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). At NAM, Brian is on its International Economic Policy Committee and its China Policy Subcommittee. Brian is a past Chairman of the US Copper & Brass Fabricators Council and currently a member of its BOD. He testified on its behalf before the International Trade Commission. Brian is currently Chairman of the Copper Development Association (CDA) and serves on the BOD of the Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA).

Brian is a national leader of domestic manufacturing companies attempting to change US international trade and tax policy to help level the playing field for domestic manufacturing.

Prior to joining Revere, Brian spent twenty-one years in the international copper mining industry with seven years each in operations, marketing & corporate administration.

Brian is celebrating over 40 years of marriage with three sons and four grandchildren.  In 2002, Mr. O’Shaughnessy rode his Harley Davidson on two-lane scenic roads from Moody Beach, Maine to Seattle, Washington stopping off in Sturgis, South Dakota. Mr. O’Shaughnessy is an avid snow-boarder and golfer but spends most of his time working!