Bill Parks is a highly successful entrepreneur and former professor of finance who is best known as the founder and president of NRS.


As a business professor, Bill Parks, Ph.D. founded NRS, Inc. in 1972 after a life-changing rafting trip down the Grand Canyon. Counter to the received wisdom, Bill believed that a company’s responsibility should go beyond that to its shareholders − to customers and employees − and be a force for good. NRS is now the world’s leading paddlesports equipment supplier and 100 percent employee-owned. For over 12 years, Bill has been an active advocate for reforming inequities in the U.S. corporate tax system to protect American domestic companies. He also focuses on improving ESOP legislation and streamlining to benefit American small businesses. A former speaker in front of the Tax COOP of the World Bank (and other various forums), he has published over 20 articles in the highly respected academic journal, Tax Notes. His works can also be found in more accessible publications such as USA Today and Forbes.