Bill Parks

While Bill Parks is the Founding Director of, his professional achievements rank far and wide. Mr. Parks is a highly successful entrepreneur and business professional as the founder and president of NRS (a highly respected brand in the outdoor industry). Mr. Parks ensured NRS legacy and future by making NRS a 100% employee owned company in 2013.


Before creating NRS, Mr. Parks was a professor of finance at the Universities of Idaho and Oregon. He started NRS and proved his academic knowledge was highly applicable in the real world. Even though he retired from teaching to focus on NRS, Mr. Parks continued to share his insights on business and finance, and used his combined academic and practical experience to find solutions. He devotes much of his time to educating people about tax inequality in our corporate tax system. Mr. Parks has spoken in front of the Tax COOP of the World Bank, and other various forums. His articles can be predominately found in the highly respected Academic Journal, Tax Notes. However, some of his works can be found in more accessible publications such as USA Today and Forbes.