Dr. John Hansen, a former Economic Adviser at the World Bank, has over four decades of first-hand experience in countries around the world with global trade, industrial development, and macroeconomic policy issues. In addition to countless papers, blog posts, and speeches, he has written over a dozen books on these topics – books that have been used internationally to guide government policy reforms.

After retiring from thirty years of service with the World Bank, Dr. Hansen worked with development agencies of the American, British and Canadian governments and for the United Nations Development Program.   

Now “retired,” he has developed a fundamentally new global monetary mechanism called the market access charge (MAC) that can permanently balance America’s international trade after nearly fifty years of virtually continuous trade deficits. The MAC will create a link between exchange rates and balanced trade to replace the classic link that was destroyed in the 1970s when international trade in financial capital than in physical imports and exports began determining the dollar’s exchange rate, a problem identified by Dr. Hansen’s extensive global research. 

A competitive dollar will restore thousands of American factories to profitable operation, put millions of Americans back to work at well-paying jobs, raise wages for the majority of Americans, reduce the polarization of American society, halt America’s growing dependence on imported goods from countries like China, generate several hundred billion dollars of new government revenues – paid entirely by foreign speculators,  significantly reduce the Federal Government’s budget deficit, increase America’ national security, and reduce America’s debt to foreign countries, debt that will otherwise burden our children and grandchildren. 

Dr. Hansen organized a coalition of experts from existing think tanks and action groups to prepare draft legislation for the market access charge. The MAC is the centerpiece of the Competitive Dollar for Jobs and Prosperity Act and is advocated for by the Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA).


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