Greg Autry

Dr. Greg Autry is an entrepreneur, writer, and educator. He has researches and writes on business, economics, trade policy and space policy.


Greg is the co-author, with Peter Navarro, of the book Death by China and is also a producer of the Death by China film directed by Navarro and narrated by Martin Sheen. Greg holds a Ph.D in Management (concentration in Economics and Public Policy) and an MBA from the Paul Merage School of Business at UC Irvine.

Dr. Autry served on the Presidential Transition team at NASA and has testified to the U.S. Congress and presented at the Canadian Parliament. He is a frequent speaker at space technology and investment conferences and has also spoken at the Heritage Foundation, the California Democratic Convention, the National Association of Business Economists, the National Press Club.


CPA Speaker’s Bureau Member: Greg Autry is available to speak to topics of:
  1. Trade Policy
  2. The Space Economy
  3. China Policy
  4. National Security
  5. Industrial Policy

Travels from: Southern California / Los Angeles