Manufacturers, farmers, ranchers, and workers across America have been fighting against foreign governments who have been cheating in the name of “free trade” for years.

Decades later, we see millions of jobs lost, hundreds of thousands of U.S. factories closed, and families forced to survive off minimum wage jobs at a restaurant or retail location. Even though manufacturers, farmers and ranchers, and workers stepped up to fight, their voices weren’t loud enough to cause real change. But the tide is changing in Washington and CPA has worked tirelessly with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to support balanced-fair trade, reshoring of manufacturing, Buy American, and increase productivity for domestic manufacturers.

We have been at the forefront of the discussions to successfully help companies build, compete and strengthen the U.S. economy. We stand ready to fight for you.

CPA is working hard to ensure government procurement dollars go to domestic producers. We’re up against powerful import lobby groups who want us to voluntarily do-away with buy local policies. Learn more >
A healthy, growing manufacturing industry is essential for good, middle-class jobs, for broadly shared prosperity in the US, and for long-term economic growth. Manufacturing is essential for national security, health security, and a robust, resilient supply of many essential and non-essential goods. Learn more >


CPA advocates trade policies that provide farmers and ranchers with fair prices and increased income and strengthens rural economies. Learn more >
The Coalition for a Prosperous America advocates for domestic manufacturing of essential generic drugs, personal protective equipment (PPE), and other critical health care products because it is vital for our country's health security and national security. Learn more >
The Coalition for a Prosperous America fights for tax reform that supports rebalancing trade, rebuilding domestic supply chains, and penalizing the offshoring of production or profits. Learn more >
CPA believes an overvalued dollar makes American goods and services less competitive in global markets. The Competitive Dollar for Jobs and Prosperity Act will create good jobs, rebalance trade and rebuild American prosperity. Learn more >
Renewable energy industries are vital for America in the 21st century. The US must have a diversity of energy sources including solar power, wind power, hydroelectric, and fossil fuel. We must have the capability to manufacture the vital equipment and supplies in each sector because a healthy energy sector is essential for national and economic security. Learn more >
Technology is vital to a large and growing part of daily life, communications, the economy, and national defense. The US is and must remain the world’s preeminent technology leader. We must act to bring back to the US much of the technology manufacturing that has been offshored. Learn more >
CPA supports a domestic industrial strategy, including trade and tariff policy, that restores a broad array of industrial supply chains to the United States. Learn more >
CPA believes that foreign adversaries like China should not be able to exploit U.S. capital markets and tens of millions of unwitting American investors in order to fund activities that pose a threat to U.S economic and national security.
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