With attention focused on the forthcoming conference between the Senate and the House that will reconcile – U.S. Innovation and Competition Act of 2021 (USICA) and the House’s America COMPETES Act –  CPA is now the lead national organization calling on President Biden to keep intact the 301 tariffs on China. Currently, the Senate bill would completely gut the President’s ability to levy 301 tariffs.


Here are three reasons to sign CPA’s petition to President Biden.


Tariffs. Our Section 301 tariffs were imposed to counter the unfair trade advantages the CCP accrued thanks to their decades-long brazen Intellectual Property (IP) theft and blatant disregard for American IP rights. Keeping these tariffs in place is critical for American workers and their businesses.


Import dependence. The United States is heavily dependent on imports in key industries, including metals, prescription medicines, and semiconductors. Keeping the 301 tariffs in place offer the necessary support to assist in rebuild domestic manufacturing.


China. In the last year, the Chinese government has further ramped up its discriminatory forced localization practices, now through their courts by way of anti-injunction suits to force American businesses to license their IP.

Sign your company’s name to this petition! Please ensure that you have authorization to sign on behalf of your business or sign our consumer petition.