Marty Davis

Marty Davis is the president and chief executive officer of Cambria—the nation’s leading American-made, family-owned natural quartz surface producer.


Marty graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science and Technology. He began developing his entrepreneurial business skills at Davisco Foods International, helping transform his family’s 3rd generation creamery business into a global leader in the international dairy industry.

In 2000, Davis led the charge in founding Cambria, a brand-new family business focused on quartz countertop surfaces.

The company has also diversified and expanded to include complementary businesses, further driving the Cambria brand through Cambria Title™, Cambria Mortgage™, and Cambria Financial™. Additionally, Marty orchestrated the purchase of Sun Country Airlines in 2011, Davis then led the management of the company for the next 7 years, becoming the largest privately held airline in the United States. In 2018, Davis engineered the sale of the company to Apollo Capital Management of New York.

Deeply committed to community outreach, Marty and his wife, Anne, along with the Cambria team, founded the Camp Cambria® Foundation in 2014. The foundation’s key initiative, Camp Cambria®, is a weeklong summer camp program in Minnesota and Ontario where children living with juvenile arthritis focus on building self-esteem, managing their disease, and meeting kids just like themselves.

In 2019, Anne and Marty launched CambriaCares, a philanthropic platform in which the Cambria team endeavors to help educate and support many causes in need of direction, awareness, finance, and promotion.

Mr. Davis grew up in St. Peter, Minnesota, and currently resides with his wife Anne in Shorewood, Minnesota. Marty and Anne have four sons: Peter, Jack, Charlie, and Danny.